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There’s a nostalgic vibe in interiors right now which is bringing a feeling of comfort and cosiness to our homes. In uncertain times it’s only natural to look back fondly at more peaceful days and this year we are all appreciating the gentle prettiness and plush soft furnishings of chintz that remind us of the ‘good old days’.

Remembering the optimism of the 1980s with its exuberant chintz style, the latest home trend is seeing the reintroduction of feminine florals and frills. Inspired by English country style and past eras when homes were furnished with inherited furniture and homemade heirlooms, we are recreating timeless interiors that evoke a reassuring sense of place and belonging.

Handed down items offer a comforting personal history so rummaging in family garages and attics could turn up forgotten pieces of furniture or fabrics to form the basis of your new scheme. For a subtle take on chintz style, choose a warm pastel shade on walls and add a single chintz element such as floral curtains or pleated shades on table lamps. Throwing a floral fabric over a side table is a simple way to create a pretty space where you can display family photos and trinkets.

Pastel interiors

Above image features LLP301 Twilight Oak and SM-KP138 Grey Limed Oak

For a contemporary chintz style, use a floral wallpaper with either dainty springs or big blowsy flowers on a feature wall. Then add layers of tactile throws, fluffy cushions, long pile rugs and textured furnishings for a space that is sure to wrap you up in a blanket of cosiness.

If you can’t decide which chintz pattern to choose, why not just throw them all together for a devil may care style! Create an authentic maximalist version of chintz by going all out with a mix and match of floral patterns on furnishings, curtains and accessories, balanced with a profusion of large leaved houseplants. For the most daring of schemes, consider taking a bold floral wallpaper across both walls and ceiling.

Charlton Hall

Above image features SP111 Luna and SP115 Nero

With time on our hands, many of us are rediscovering traditional skills such as baking, sewing or gardening and are creating our own unique handcrafted treasures such as needlepoint cushions, painting works of art, sewing quilts with scraps of material or creating slip covers for inherited or second-hand bedside chairs. Incorporated into a new ‘granny chic’ interior, these heirlooms of the future will add an individual look and tell your personal story.

Previous eras may have completed their chintz style with a patterned carpet but while you want your home to have nostalgic style, nobody harks back to the rigorous demands of housework. For a more practical option, choose a hard-wearing wood design flooring that’s perfect for busy family life. An easy-fit flooring such as our LooseLay and Korlok ranges will bring the stunning beauty of a wood plank floor but is quick and simple to install, easy to care for and offers a hygienic surface that ensures a healthy and happy home.

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