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Get the look: Sugared Scandi

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The Scandinavian trend has dominated over the years, and with that, many new variations have come to light, including the latest Sugared Scandi. Made up of neutral colours, delicate textures and statement furniture, it’s clear to see why homeowners and interior designers are opting to incorporate and expand on this style.

Sugared Scandi takes on the main characteristics of the original trend such as its elegance and simplicity. However, this variation incorporates pastel decor and new textures, giving you the option to get creative and personalise your interiors.

In order to help you understand this trend further, and to see how you can effortlessly incorporate this style into your home, we have put together some of our top things to consider.

The colour scheme

Maintaining the neutral colourways within the original Scandinavian trend such as white, grey, brown and black is still very important, and we suggest you incorporate these colours in areas such as your walls, flooring and countertops. From this, you will achieve elegance and simplicity alongside creating the perfect base for your additional pastel decor.

Pastel decor

Pastel Pink Decor

Now that your neutral base has been determined, you can have fun and play around with soft pastels and decide where you are going to place them. For instance, are you going to incorporate pastels in your artwork or furniture? Or other home accessories such as fabrics, cushions or statement rugs. Whatever you decide, we suggest you opt for at least two of these options to effortlessly tie your Sugared Scandi interior together.

Statement furniture

Washed Scandi Pine

Above image features Washed Scandi Pine

Furniture is the focal point of every room in your home, just take the living room for example, the sofa is the main focus that automatically draws attention. Why not opt for a pastel toned sofa or footstool?

Wooden flooring

Blush Oak Flooring

Above image features Blush Oak

When it comes to your flooring choice, it is important that you find the perfect one for you and your space, ensuring the tone matches your overall interior.

To keep in line with the sugared Scandi trend, we’d suggest you look towards complementary light and neutral flooring such as Blush Oak, Washed Scandi Pine, Lime Washed Oak and Grey Limed Oak.

Blush Oak from our Van Gogh collection is a new shade designed to suit any interior. With slightly pink and rosy tones throughout, this floor looks stunning when paired with soft pastels and Scandi decor.

Pink Stool

Finally, there’s also the option to personalise with design strips and consider keyline or tramline border features to frame a room. Design strips can be introduced in between each plank to create a ship’s deck laying pattern or alternatively, added around the entire plank for a grouted tile effect. They can also be placed between every other plank to achieve the illusion of a wider room.

If you’ve fallen in love with the sugared Scandi trend as much as we have, be sure to follow our Sugared Scandi Pinterest board for more inspiration. Discover our new neutral designs as part of our latest Van Gogh update here.

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