Karndean Colour Series: Black

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Black flooring brings richness and elegance to a space. While black is a heavy tone, it exudes an interior confidence and because it’s a neutral shade, it can be perfectly paired with most other colours. 

If you’re looking at a black or dark floor for your home, here are the top three colours we think work best with a black canvas. 

Yellow and Black

The combination of black and yellow is both striking and stunning.  Yellow is associated with happiness and peacefulness, whilst black is elegant and edgy. 

Karndean Colour Series Black and Yellow

Image: Black Oak Parquet AP03

Although the two colours are a contrast, this unlikely combination is easy on the eye. Why is that?  It works because this colour combination can be found in nature (think leopards and bees, etc.).

When pairing black flooring with yellow, the trick is to get the proportions right. As a black floor sets the tone for a room, use yellow as your accent colour and add white to balance and soften the black even more. Be sure to select the right shade of yellow for your look. A muted yellow provides a calm vibe whilst a yellowy-gold colour will add a touch of luxury. 

Turquoise and Black

Turquoise has a soothing effect. The colour itself is a combination of blue and green, and has a comforting appeal that helps to create a calm space. 

Karndean Colour Series Black with Turquoise

Image: EbonyVGW89T 

Turquoise has been used throughout history across the world. From palace domes to fashion jewellery, it’s a versatile colour. When combined with black, it can be vintage inspired or offer fresh contemporary look.

Similar to yellow, the key to using black and turquoise is finding the right proportion. Use turquoise as your pop of colour and think about adding white and/or grey to help break the intensity of black. 

Black, Grey and White

For a timeless look, you can’t go wrong with black, white and grey.  It’s a clean, sophisticated combination and as a neutral palette, will almost always work well together.  

Karndean Colour Series Black with White and Grey

Image: Argen WP414

Although this colour scheme may seem intimidating because of the lack of vibrant colour, the trick here is to use different textures, surfaces and patterns that will add interesting visual elements to the space. 

With a black floor, use lots of white to keep it looking fresh. Play around with different textures in varying shades of white and grey to keep it interesting.  

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