Timeless Trends: Monochrome

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Black and white is a great color combination and undoubtedly one of the most impactful of all interior styles. It’s vastly versatile – you can go all out to create a dramatic space, or keep it light for a more minimalistic look. Effortlessly stylish and sophisticated, this design scheme is guaranteed to generate some serious room envy amongst your peers.

Here are our top tips on mastering the monochrome look in your space…

Warm up your space by mixing up your materials. Monochrome can be quite a stark palette, but a combination of warm woods, textured fabrics, metallics and interesting light sources will help to make your room feel much more homely and inviting.

Warm monochrome

Image source: Pinterest

Incorporate pattern into your space to make it more visually engaging. There are numerous ways that this can be achieved – from heavily printed accessories, to geometric drapes, rugs or cushions. Your floor is a great place to demonstrate pattern, explore different laying patterns such as a checkerboard stone effect using black and white tiles.


Featured floor: Art Select Otono LM15 and Fiore LM16

Add a bit of drama to your space with statement accessories. Extravagant mirrors and frames will help you to make even the most minimalistic design feel effortlessly elegant. Incorporate eye-catching light fixtures, such as the chandelier shown below, in order to keep the eye moving around the space.


A subtle color pop will help tone down the moodiness of a monochrome design scheme. It’s a great idea to bring life to your space using plants, not only will they look great – perfectly complementing your room – but they will also help to purify the air, making the space feel fresh and airy. For a modern feel, choose neat leaves to display in small vases.

Monochrome with plants

Featured floor: Opus - Argen (WP414)

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