Karndean Designflooring talks to The Flooring Studio as part of its Spotlight on the Retailer

Spotlight on a Retailer: The Flooring Studio

Karndean Designflooring

Formerly part of the successful Bathroom Studio in Evesham, The Flooring Studio first opened its doors on 1st June 2015 on St Richards Road. A family run business, the independent retailer has firmly established itself as platinum retailer in the town, specialising in supplying and fitting luxury vinyl floor designs by Karndean. 

Open seven days a week, visitors to The Flooring Studio can expect to be greeted by a friendly face, or two. Manager of The Flooring Studio, Lois Cother talks to us in this month’s spotlight about her experience in the industry and latest trends in flooring. 

Q. What made you go into retail?
I’ve always been in sales, and it certainly runs in the family. At the helm of The Bathroom Studio, my brother and his business partner decided they wanted to expand the flooring side of the business, and as an early advocate of Karndean, he opened a showroom dedicated to the flooring brand. Of course, I loved the idea and just wanted to work there, and here we are today.  

Q. What would you say most of your customers are looking for when they come into choose a new floor?
All our customers come in and rely on our experience and expertise to guide them in the right direction of choosing their perfect floor. We listen very carefully to their requirements and help them through the process of exploring the ranges to select the right design for them.  If customers haven’t already visited the Karndean Designflooring HQ showroom in Evesham, they very rarely know exactly what they’re looking for, and don’t understand the design options available. 

Q. How many Karndean designs do you currently display?
As a platinum retailer, we’re proud to display all of the Karndean product ranges. With the support of Karndean, our showroom demonstrates a wide variety of wood and stone floor designs on our display floor, so customers can gain a true visual - helping give them an idea of what they can expect from each range. 

Q. Why did you choose to partner with Karndean? 
I feel as though we almost chose each other. Being so close to the Karndean HQ and showroom, we like to mirror the friendly service and product knowledge on offer to visitors. At the same time, we trust the brand and the products. Likewise, Karndean are regularly adding new designs to reflect latest trends. 

Q. What is your favourite Karndean product or range?
By far it has to be the Van Gogh collection. I like the wide plank design, authentic texture and matte finish; perfect for any room in the home.  We're excited by the new wood additions to the range, they're are going to be popular - my new favourite has to be Honey Oak

I also love Caribbean Driftwood from the Knight Tile range, and will be having this in my new bathroom, against white walls and finishes.  

Q. What trends are you seeing emerge in flooring and/or what are your favourites?
Lately, many customers are swaying towards wood designs, particularly from the Art Select and Van Gogh ranges. I would say darker hues are popular at the moment. We’re also expecting demand for weathered, grey and distressed wood planks to emerge as the Spring arrives, especially with the new Van Gogh Reclaimed Redwood and Aged Redwood designs. 

Q. What’s the first or most important question you ask a customer?
Firstly, I always ask what their experience of Karndean is and then I know where to begin in telling them the story of Karndean.  Once they have the basics of what Karndean is about, I will endeavour to learn more about their sense of style and room of choice. 

Q. From a retailer’s perspective, what can a customer provide to help the decision process?
If the customer is having a new kitchen or bathroom, then it’s always a good idea to bring samples of the tiles, surface finish and worktops in order to see what designs will match. It’s also good to have measurements, and then it’s our responsibility to establish likes and dislikes.  

Q. What has been your favourite flooring installation/project to date?
We have so many favourite installations to choose from. Luckily for us, our customers are always so appreciative and complementary, and we find that we love almost all of them. 

Q. What has been the most unusual installation you’ve been a part of?
Interestingly, we’ve supplied Karndean to a local company who is responsible for the pods on the Coca Cola London Eye. They required flooring for an exclusive pod, which is hired out for special events including the Rugby World Cup, silent discos and private functions. They chose the mid-brown and classic oak design of Da Vinci Lorenzo Warm Oak

A big thank you to Lois for taking time out to talk to us about The Flooring Studio and her personal experience in the industry. If you’re in Evesham, make sure you pop in and have a look at their showroom for yourself. 

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