Karndean releases new multi-format designs

New look Van Gogh collection reveals beautiful oaks in multi-format designs

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Our new look multi-format Van Gogh collection introduces beautiful oak designs available in both a gluedown and rigid core format, as well as introducing an exclusive selection of on-trend herringbone designs.

Designed to offer home designers greater flexibility when selecting the right format to suit the individual needs of their space, it means the same design can be used throughout the home in either gluedown or rigid core.

Whilst rigid core is available for quicker installation times and added acoustic benefits, gluedown offers additional design elements such as optional laying patterns, borders and design features.

Our updated collection features contemporary and classic designs in a standard 48” x 7” size, as well as welcoming six new designs inspired by European oaks and American barnwood in a larger 56” x 9” plank and four exclusive 28” x 7” herringbones.

Karndean releases new multi-format designs

Above image features VGW124T Shadow Oak

All our designs are handcrafted to reflect the intricate beauty of real timber, but Grey Brushed Oak, Warm Brushed Oak and Golden Brushed Oak feature a new, natural wood grain emboss, accentuating the natural aesthetics of the individual wood that inspired it.

There’s also the characterful Shadow Oak with its subtle cross-sawn markings and muted, weathered appearance, and attractive Nimbus Oak with its delicate balance of long straight grain and beautiful flowery grain. For those looking to make a statement, Salvaged Barnwood is a perfect match with its deep variation and vibrant brunette tones.

“The designs encompass some of our most celebrated hues including classic Country Oak, traditional French Oak and Scandi Blush Oak in a gluedown and rigid core option for the first time,” explains Stella Coyle, national retail sales manager of Karndean Designflooring.

Karndean releases new multi-format designs

Above image features SM-VGW121T Warm Brushed Oak

She said: “As home designers look to us for more flexibility when selecting their floor, we’re excited to be taking our first steps in offering the same beautiful design across multi-formats.

“It means those looking for the continuity of the same colourway throughout their home are not restricted to just gluedown, especially if they face the challenge of an uneven subfloor in the next room.

“With herringbone being a firm favourite laying pattern, the introduction of our first rigid core herringbone design will open up new design options for renovators looking for enhanced acoustics.

“It will come as no surprise to those who are familiar with our brand, our Van Gogh collection is one of our most popular with a wide palette of cool neutral, grey and warm tones, and we hope our new designs will excite you as much as they do us!”

All our floor designs are durable, waterproof and compatible with underfloor heating, as well as low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and phthalate free.

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