Van Gogh VGW115T Natural Prime Oak in a living room

Inspired by age-old woodlands. Designed for modern interiors.

The authentic look and beauty of natural timber, but with a newly enhanced palette featuring fresh, clean and neutral tones. From the cool neutral colourways of Blush Oak, with its gentle pink undertones and subtle flowery grains, to the warmer smoky shades of Misty Grey Oak. There are six new designs to discover.

Meet the new designs

Offering a neutral backdrop, Blush Oak and Greige Oak will accommodate modern bright spaces as well as classic rustic décors. The original boards were chosen for their subtle, flowery grain and our designers used a natural liming process to intensify this underlying character.

Inspired by our popular Distressed Oak, Light Distressed Oak introduces more pronounced grains with greater knot and line details. Its weathered style achieves an authentically rustic yet versatile finish.

For a touch of simplicity, Misty Grey, Cool Grey and Natural Prime Oak will be perfect for home decorators looking for a timeless floor that never goes out of fashion. Inspired by oaks found in many European forests, these pleasingly understated boards were hand selected with the intention of offering a more refined, prime oak product, lending itself perfectly to the modern trend of lifestyle simplification and decluttering.

Karndean Designflooring Van Gogh VGW107T in a corridor 

Personalise your laying pattern

Our large (48” x 7”) Van Gogh plank can work in compact areas to make a room appear bigger or in larger areas on an angle for added visual interest.

Design strips can be introduced in three different ways.

Opt to have them running between each plank to create a ship’s deck laying pattern or alternatively, add around the entire plank for a grouted tile effect (as shown below). For something different, place them between every other plank to achieve the illusion of a wider room.

Van Gogh Light Distressed Oak in a bedroom 

Explore our new designs below, simply click a product to find out more or discover the full range here.