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Explore our sophisticated new hickories, oaks and chestnuts

Full of charm and character, our Art Select wood collection is recognised for featuring the most beautiful and authentic wood effects, with bevelled edges and realistic handcrafted embosses. 

Our 14 new designs including French oak, hickory and American chestnut, feature intricate patterns for impressive variation across the floor, inspiring natural wood effects with realistic cross-sawn and hand-scraped embosses to produce an authentic look of traditional planks.

Our French Oak

An iconic choice for stylish interiors, our oak designs are amongst the most popular flooring choice, offering a versatile range of colour and plank options. Inspired by wood sourced from European forests, our four new French oak designs have been created in a large 56” x 9” format, bringing a sense of grandeur to any interior. Keeping in line with recent interior trends our new oak designs are now available in an extended range of hues including gentle beige, cool grey and warm honey tones to blend seamlessly into décor styles from traditional country to modern industrial. Each design is also available in a smaller 18” x 3” parquet format, ideal for defining separate living areas and creating an effortless sense of flow.

New Art Select designs are here

Available in Prairie Oak (RL20 SM-RL20), Glacier Oak (RL21, SM-RL21), Mountain Oak (RL22, SM-RL22) and Savannah Oak (RL23, SM-RL23)

Our Reclaimed Hickory

Our four new hickory designs are inspired by reclaimed planks recovered from a reclamation yard in the American Midwest. The contrast in colour between the deeper ‘heartwood’ of the plank and the bright, outer sapwood creates a stunning effect in the reclaimed product. The four new hickory designs feature intense colour variation for a unique and elegant look, while a new and exclusive emboss reproduces the characteristic saw marks and texture of the original unfinished planks. Each colourway has an intricate pattern for impressive variation across the floor for a highly authentic look of traditionally crafted wood planks.

Now available in a large plank format (56” x 9”), our reclaimed hickory comes in the following designs: Natural Hickory (EW10), Weathered Hickory (EW11), Vintage Hickory (EW12) and Classic Hickory (EW13).

Our American Chestnut

Inspired by wood sourced in a Midwestern timber yard, our new Reclaimed Chestnut replicates the rustic feel and rich warm tones of traditionally crafted wood planks found in North American barns and factories. Now scarce in its natural form, this new addition to our Art Select wood collection faithfully replicates the contrasting light browns and dark chocolates synonymous with this species. For added realism, it is available in a random plank option to reflect the origins of how this timber was once salvaged from floor joists, granary boards and roof rafters.

Available in the following designs: Reclaimed Chestnut (EW21, RPL-EW21)

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