Create your Karndean account

You are now able to create your very own Karndean account. By creating your account with us, there are many things you can do that will help you in the process of buying and maintaining your Karndean floor
Order samples

Previously you could only order small chip samples from us but now you have two sample options:

  1. FREE chip samples
  2. Full-sized samples
Free chip samples are smaller and are perfect when you haven’t decided exactly which product you want yet. You can order up to six chip samples and have them delivered straight to your home. 

When you receive them, you can see how the colours and tones work against your kitchen cabinets or your sofa, you can feel the texture of the product and you can use them to help narrow down your choices.

Full-sized samples are larger and full-sized and are perfect for when you have narrowed your choice down to just a couple of designs.  You can order these larger samples and have them delivered straight to your door. 

You will be able to see the colour variation across the plank or tile that gives the design its authentic and realistic appearance, the larger size gives you a better idea of how the product would look in your space, and you can play with the different laying patterns and see how it would look if it were laid at an angle for example. 

This bigger sample will give you the ability to narrow down your choice and help you decide which design is the perfect fit for your home. Full-sized samples are charged at £3.00 each plus delivery.

Please note, selected products are not available in full-sized format.These include Palio Clic, LooseLay Longboard, LM15-Clip, LM16-Clip, LM01, LM02, LM03, LM10, LM11, LM12 and LM20.

Order samples

Ordering cleaning and maintenance products

We are now giving you the chance to buy your cleaning products online from your preferred retailer. Whether you are after a full cleaning kit or have just run out of Karndean Clean, you can select your preferred retailer, place your order and select your delivery method. 

You can get your order delivered straight to your door, or you can select click and collect and pick up your order for free from your local retailer on the way home from work, before you pick up the kids or whenever is most convenient for you.

By buying your cleaning and maintenance products through us, you will know the products you are receiving are genuine Karndean products made specifically for use with Karndean floors, the prefect way to clean and maintain your floor.

Order Cleaning Products

View your Transferable Purchase Guarantee

All of our floors have a lifetime guarantee and come with a Transferable Purchase Guarantee (TPG). When you order your new floor with one of our retailer partners, they will ask you for your email address. By providing us with this, we can then link your TPG with your online account and you will be able to see and download it. 

See your TPG

Manage your account details

You will be able to manage your address information, change your password and update any of your personal details including your preferred retailer. 

We know that when you purchase your floor, you build a relationship with that retailer and when they provide you with excellent customer service, you are likely to recommend them to your friends and family and you will go back to them for future purchases. 

In your account, you can save your preferred retailer and ensure any future purchases you make are directed through them. If you need to change your preferred retailer at any time you can do so very easily. 

View your order history

When you log in, you will be able to see your previous orders including which samples you have ordered and if you purchase any cleaning and maintenance products, these orders will be stored here too.