Wood and stone borders

Why not finish your floor with one of our decorative wood or stone borders?

To help you choose, we've made some suggestions below.


Border use suggestions Border design

Accent (stone)

use with: CER14 Carbon


Accent border

made up of: CER14


Bamboo (wood)

use with: KP38 Tudor Oak

    KP38 Bamboo Border

made up of: KP38 | KP40


Bamboo (wood)

use with: KP39 Warm Oak


KP39 Bamboo Border

made up of: KP39 | KP38


Bamboo (wood)

use with: KP40 American Oak


KP40 Bamboo Border

made up of: KP40 | KP38


Basque (stone)

use with: CK25


Basque border

made up of: CK25 | DS18


Block (wood)

use with: RP41 Australian Walnut




Block Border

made up of: RP41 | DS01

  Block (stone)

use with: ST5


ST5 Block Border

made up of: ST5 | DS04


Canterbury (stone)

use with: LST05 Santi Limestone


Canterbury Border

made up of: LST05 | DS10


Dark Mackintosh (stone)

use with: ST13 Portland Stone |

ST14 Cumbrian Stone


Dark Mackintosh border 

made up of: ST14 | ST13


Dark Mosaic (stone)

use with: ST13 Portland Stone |

ST14 Cumbrian Stone | T100 Orkney 


Dark Mosaic border 

made up of: ST13 | ST14 | T100 | DS10


Davyne (stone)

use with: CER15 Dune


Dayvne border

made up of: CER15 | AF06


Davyne (stone)

use with: CER15 Dune | CER16 Sable


Dayvne 2-colour border

made up of: CER16 | CER15 | AF06


Diamond (stone)

use with: T90 Cararra


T90 Diamond Border 

made up of: T90 | T74


Diamond (stone)

use with: LM16 Fiore


Diamond Border

made up of: LM16 | LM15


Domino (stone)

use with: KAL11 | SP111


Domino stone border

made up of: SP111 | SP211


Domino (wood)

use with: KAL12 | WP311


Domino wood border

made up of: WP311 | WP318


Kousa (stone)

use with: CER20 Cambric


Kousa border

made up of: CER20 | CER21


Kousa Framed (stone)

use with: CER19 Burnet


Kousa Framed border

made up of: CER19 | DS12


Light Mackintosh (stone)

use with: ST13 Portland Stone | 

ST14 Cumbrian Stone


Kousa Framed border 

made up of: ST13 | ST14 | DS10


Light Mosaic (stone)

use with: ST11 York Stone | 

ST12 Bath Stone | ST13 Portland Stone

    Light Mosaic border 

made up of: ST11 | ST12 | ST13 | DS10


Mackintosh (stone)

use with: LST04 Spirito Limestone | 

LST05 Santi Limestone

    LST04 Mackintosh Border

made up of: LST04 | LST05 | DS10


Mosaic (stone)

use with: LST03 Piazza Limestone | 

LST04 Spirito Limestone | LST05 Santi Limestone


LST04 Mosaic Border

made up of: LST03 | LST04 | LST05 | DS10


Portobello (stone)

use with: T101 Jura


T101 Portobello Border

made up of: T101 | DS14


Portobello (stone)

use with: ST5 Soapstone


made up of: ST5 | DS15


Quadrant (wood)

use with: RL20


Quadrant Border RL20

made up of: RL20

  Quadrant (wood)

use with: RL21


Quadrant Border RL21

made up of: RL21

  Quadrant (wood)

use with: RL22


Quadrant Border RL22

made up of: RL22

  Quadrant (wood)

use with: RL23


Quadrant Border RL23

made up of: RL23

  Quadrant (wood)

use with: CER13


Quadrant border

made up of: CER13


Quadrant (wood)

use with: KP94


made up of: KP94


Quadrant (wood)

use with: KP138


made up of: KP138

  Weave (wood)

use with: KP40 American Oak




KP32 Weave Border

made up of: KP32 | KP38 | KP40


Windsor (wood)

use with: KP40 American Oak


KP40 Windsor Border

made up of: KP40 | KP70


Windsor (stone)

use with: ST15


made up of: ST15 | DS12


Windsor (stone)

use with: ST16


made up of: ST16 | DS12


Windsor (stone)

use with: ST17


made up of: ST17 | DS12


Windsor (stone)

use with: T88 Onyx


T88 Windsor Border 

made up of: T88 | DS17


Zigzag (stone)

use with: LM22 Corris | CC06 Graphite

    CC06 Zigzag Border

made up of: CC06 | LM22 | LM16



KP70 Bray Oak

KP70 Bray Oak


KP70 Block Border


KP70 | DS02

KP70 Block Border


KP70 | KP40