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Your Healthy and Hygienic Home

Hygienic LVT flooring

You’re invested in living well and that includes the materials you bring into your home. Rest assured that Karndean luxury vinyl is safe and healthy for all members of your family to live with for years to come.


Peace of mind with safe materials

Tested and trusted materials

Phthalate Free 

The key raw material in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is salt, and PVC is the second most widely used polymer in building and construction and the same trusted material used in vital medical equipment, including heart and lung bypass tubing. 

  • Karndean floors are free from BPA, phthalates and formaldehyde.

  • Our products are neither carcinogenic nor do they contain raw materials which are reprotoxic or endocrine disrupting; and therefore, do not require warning labels in the United States (Prop 65).

 Improved Indoor Air Quality

Floorscore icon 

We spend 90% of our day inside on average, making it important to have good air quality. Independent testing proves our products and adhesives are very low emitting in terms of volatile organic compounds. 


Spend more time living, less time cleaning

Keep moisture, mold and bacteria at bay

Waterproof icon 

Waterproof and nonporous Karndean planks and tiles do not promote bacterial growth. Unsealed grout between ceramic and porcelain tiles absorbs moisture, creating a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. 

Breathe comfortably with reduced allergen impact

Hygienic icon

Comfortably go about day-to-day life because Karndean products do not harbor dirt, dust or bacteria. 

  • Hardwood floors can trap dirt between planks, which may trigger an allergic reaction.

  • Carpet made from naturally hypoallergenic materials can still trap dust and other allergens.

Ditch the Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

Low Maintenance icon

A regular sweep and mop with Karndean Clean or other pH neutral, fragrance free cleaner approved for use with vinyl floors is all you need to clean & disinfect your Karndean floor and keep it looking its best.


A Karndean floor allows you to rest easy in your healthy home.