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Water Resistant Flooring

Wateproof LVT flooring

Our water-resistant floors stand up to spills of all sizes. The product’s impervious vinyl backing combined with waterproof adhesive on installation helps ensure that no moisture gets through the floor. 

Stain resistant

Karndean floors are resistant to staining like porous natural timber floors and ceramic tiles. Everyday liquids such as water, coffee and wine can be easily cleaned with a pH neutral cleaner and will help keep your floor looking its best. 

Waterproof 01.jpg

Safer environments

With many accidents caused by slips and trips, Karndean also helps to avoid trip points and slippery surfaces with commercial grade slip ratings.

Easy to clean

Our floors have no grime and dirt traps, unlike many of the materials it faithfully replicates. Our enhanced surface treatment defends against those damages that can easily spoil the look of traditional flooring. It’s the small details like this that will help minimise disruption of day-to-day activities. Be sure to check out our cleaning and maintenance FAQs for more information. 

Waterproof 02.jpg

For more information on designflooring or to find out how Karndean compares with other types of flooring, visit our Why Karndean section or browse our wood and stone look flooring for design inspiration.