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Stone look floor designs

Natural stone effect Karndean vinyl flooring

Offering a wide choice of realistic natural stone effect designs, from modern slate look tiles to intricate limestone, natural stone surfaces can add instant appeal in any living space.

Benefits of stone effect flooring

But what puts many people off choosing stone flooring for their home is how it feels underfoot. Known for being quite hard to walk on, and also cold in the winter, stone flooring isn’t the most comfortable flooring choice out there. With our wide range of Karndean Designflooring stone tiles, you can now have all the aesthetic appeal of natural stone with a warmer, more tactile surface.

Durability and maintenance

Our range of natural effect stone look tiles offers a number of benefits over traditional stone flooring, such as resilience, warmth and ease of maintenance. Stone floor tiles are notorious for chipping and cracking because of their rigid structure, unlike Karndean natural effect stone flooring, which has the added benefit of being easy to clean and durable, as well as water resistant. The low maintenance nature and durability makes Karndean ideal for homes with dogs or children.

Underfloor heating

One of the main concerns home owners have about purchasing stone flooring is the cold feeling underfoot, however, unlike natural stone, our designflooring is warmer underfoot than average floor tiles. An added benefit for larger areas such as hallways or kitchens that may be colder than other areas of your home.