In order to prevent damage to any floor when moving large items such as furniture and appliances in your home, we recommend a MagiGLIDE™ product which combines space age material, durability and easy fitting to help you do just that and on any type of internal smooth floor surface, including your Karndean floor.

Established in 2010 the MagiGLIDE™ Glider, with its innovative two high performance materials - the black Elastomer Rubber side, with extreme resistance to heat, pressure and weight, and the grey Polytetrafluoroethylene side, which has the lowest co-efficient of friction in the world - is one of the most dependable furniture padding options on the market.

For more information on MagiGLIDE™ UK Ltd and the MagiGLIDE™ Glider, visit or call on 0845 604 2452.