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Supporting our partners

Being there for our network of independent retail partners, contractors and design community alike has never been so important. With regular updates at every stage to provide support, encouragement and virtual hugs/and handshakes, we have remained fully operational and responsive putting new successful working practices in place.

Here’s how we continue to support our partners.

  • Our full portfolio of wood, stone and abstract designs are available and held in stock at our UK distribution centre in Evesham, Worcestershire. Ready to deliver to meet expectations.
  • Quick and convenient ordering over the phone by our friendly retail and commercial sales teams.
  • Easy fit portfolio of rigid core and loose lay designs available for challenging residential and commercial projects including co-living, student accommodation and build to rent schemes.
  • Generating new sales for our retail partners with an easy fit campaign targeting new DIY customers.
  • Supporting our retail partners back to work with a dedicated communications toolkit with supporting materials to put safety measures in place and welcome customers back in store.
  • Bespoke and special cut orders available to order as always upon request.


1300x575 Evesham Showroom Inspire.jpg