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Journey through our new commercial brochure.

Design is an endless journey. And ours has reached an exciting milestone…

Our design process begins with a meeting with nature. For us, pushing the boundaries has to be a journey of discovery. It’s why we travel the world for inspiration. For us, design is not simply a process. Our team truly lives and breathes every narrative that filters through into our collections. This means that every one of our concepts ensures that not only are your functional and aesthetic requirements met, but exceeded.

In our new brochure we look ahead to the new post-Covid world of commercial interiors and how our emerging communal sense of identity has reinforced the need to connect our indoor spaces with their locality and to protect the wider environment.

Our updated commercial brochure reveals some of our latest design tools and offers design inspiration from around the world. We’ll introduce you to our new immersive CGI tool which puts you at the centre of a 360-degree virtual environment as well as our partnership with Material Source Studio in Manchester.

With health and wellbeing now firmly at the top of the agenda, we look at the importance of reducing noise pollution with materials certified with the ‘Quiet Mark’ accreditation and explore how modular buildings can help the construction industry reduce its carbon emissions, waste and community disruption.

Here’s what you can expect to find:

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