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Van Gogh Rigid Core

Salvaged Barnwood SM-VGW123T-RKP

Salvaged Barnwood with its beautiful warm undertones, clearly defined grain structure and distinctive rotary saw markings is a truly statement floor. Its dramatic appearance is a real head-turner in commercial settings, complementing interiors that feature rustic or industrial styling including exposed brickwork, beams and metalwork.

The product’s excellent acoustic properties mean noise transfer to other rooms is reduced – particularly useful for open plan offices, apartment living and multi-level public places. The product also allows to add a discreet finish with colour matched or white paintable scotia designs available. Click here to view all scotias.

This design can only be laid in herringbone. The plank is also available in a larger 56” x 9” size. View Salvaged Barnwood VGW123T-RKP.

Looking for this design in herringbone gluedown? View Salvaged Barnwood SM-VGW123T.

More information

Discover versatility and design flexibility with our new Van Gogh multi-format range. Explore the intricate textures and patterns found in European forests; now available in both a gluedown and rigid core format.

Explore our 16 Van Gogh rigid core designs in the same colours as our popular Van Gogh gluedown range but with the added benefit of improved acoustic qualities boasting a sound reduction of 21dB. The integrated K-Core technology makes it perfect for installations where uneven subfloors of the preservation of existing hard floors needs to be considered.

Our Van Gogh range has a 15 year commercial guarantee which rises to lifetime if used in the housebuild sector or other residential environments. View our post-installation support page for a more comprehensive description of our guarantees.

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