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Van Gogh Rigid Core

Golden Brushed Oak SM-VGW122T-RKP

Golden Brushed Oak is an attractive European oak design chosen for its delicate balance of long straight grain and beautiful ‘flowery’ grain. Its warm, honeyed tones and subtle tonal variation introduce a contemporary flavour to a classic oak look. The perfect choice for a wide range of commercial interiors. Golden Brushed Oak has further been finished with a handcrafted emboss to ensure that each plank is inherently unique, accentuating the natural aesthetics of the wood. What’s more, our K-Guard+ surface protection system uses PU technology to provide a hygienic and durable finish.

The product also allows to add a discreet finish with colour matched or white paintable scotia designs available. Click here to view all scotias.

This design can only be laid in herringbone. The plank is also available in a larger 56” x 9” size. View Golden Brushed Oak VGW122T-RKP.

Looking for this design in herringbone gluedown? View Golden Brushed Oak SM-VGW122T.

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