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Burlington LLP110

The blackish amber hues marked with streaks of yellow mineral deposits comprise the character of LLP110 Burlington. In addition to the large (41.3” x 9.85”) planks, LooseLay is 100% recyclable and features a 0.55mm wear layer. It’s a beautiful, durable flooring solution for busy retail or hospitality environments.

More information

Karndean LooseLay is easy to install and features our K-Wave friction grip backing designed to hold products in place without the need for clicking or locking. It also boasts enhanced acoustic properties and is 100% recyclable. Each tile or plank can be lifted individually making it perfect for spaces where access is required for underfloor services.

Our LooseLay range has a 15 year commercial guarantee which rises to lifetime if used in the housebuild sector or other residential environments. View our post-installation support page for a more comprehensive description of our guarantees.