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Knight Tile Gluedown

Natural Stone ST29

Natural Stone was inspired by a unique light basalt. Featuring specks of volcanic ash, this type of stone has been used in buildings for more than a thousand years and the design’s elegance comes from its simple but consistent finish. The colourway adds warmth, providing a clean neutral and versatile floor, ideal for any interior space.

  • 17 Design strips available

  • 11 Borders available

More information

Our Knight Tile collection has been handcrafted and combined with cutting-edge technology, resulting in a selection of beautiful yet practical floors that will meet any project’s requirements. The versatility and accessibility of this range lends itself particularly well to the community living and traditional housebuild sector; use any of standard plank, herringbone or chevron plank designs, or create something completely unique by combining bespoke shapes or different laying patterns. 


We take pride in our designs, and they have been developed to look beautiful with minimal maintenance. Offering a 10-year commercial guarantee, our Knight Tile collection has been enhanced with K-Guard+ protective surface treatment, to provide a surface that is durable and hygienic. For more information on our guarantees, or support on cleaning and maintenance, visit our post-installation support page.