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Explore our virtual world

Your interactive journey starts here

We invite you on a journey. An exploration. A chance to experience our products in an unparalleled way. Whether specifying for work, life or play, this immersive CGI tool puts you at the centre of a 360-degree virtual environment. Helping you visualise flooring in a real-world setting.

Inspired by contemporary, more sustainable ways of living, we chose to build an online-based, multi-purpose structure with elements for life, work and socialising. As well as product insight, you can also access inspiration from key industry figureheads as you journey through our virtual world, all viewed with just the tap of your finger. Or a click of your mouse.

Launch the interactive tour below and then click on the full screen button to immerse yourself into the virtual reality.

interactive tour home page.jpg


Join our journey? Contact us to see how we can help your commercial projects.