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Explore the benefits of rigid core for your project

What is rigid core?

Rigid core is the format of choice for superior acoustics and challenging deadlines. Designed with a pre-attached acoustic backing, rigid core can reduce noise transfer to spaces below by 21dB making it the ideal choice for hotels, offices and accommodation schemes like community living developments.

With the ability to install over imperfect subfloors and its 5G and 2G locking mechanism, it has been proven to be 30 percent quicker to install than other flooring types, thus reducing business downtime significantly.

As well as the intricate wood and stone designs and durability you would come to expect from any Karndean floor, rigid core is the perfect choice for a variety of installations.

Why choose rigid core for your project?

100x100 Quick_and_easy_to_install_Black.png
Quick to fit, our rigid core formats minimise subfloor preparation. Combined with a 5G locking mechanism, rigid core is 30% quicker to install that other floor types, reducing business downtime significantly.
100x100 Acoustic_qualities_Black_CMYK.png
Unparalleled acoustic qualities to manage sound transfer with an integrated foam backing to help reduce noise transfer to rooms below by 21dB.
Sustainable and 100% recyclable with no adhesive needed and, once laid, individual planks can be removed and installed elsewhere.


Explore our full collection of rigid core products.