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Dulux announces its Colour of the Year 2022

Posted on the 20/09/2021 by Karndean Designflooring

Each year, the UK’s leading paint brand Dulux chooses a colour that reflects the mood of the moment. This year the Dulux design team have chosen Bright Skies as their Colour of the Year 2022 to reflect the benefits of the natural world on our wellbeing and the emotional rejuvenation we find in open landscapes and fresh air.

This colour choice reflects a trend towards more vibrant colours and the team describe Bright Skies as a “light, airy and optimistic blue that’s good for the soul”.

As Marianne Shilingford, creative director at Dulux UK, explained: "The shared experience of feeling trapped inside and a growing concern for the future of our beautiful yet fragile planet are linked closely to Bright Skies.”

UK BLOG COMM Bright Skies BC.jpg

Image Credit: Dulux Colour of the Year 2022

The biological connection we have with the natural world can have a positive impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. By creating an inside-outside feel with natural materials and colour schemes that reflect the local environment, biophilic design helps to reduce stress and improve concentration and creativity. Specifying products that combine an authentic look of natural materials and the practical benefits of cutting edge technology can successfully introduce these biophilic elements as well as meet a project’s technical specifications such as durability, air quality and acoustics.

It’s clear that our lifestyles and the way we use interior spaces are changing so flexibility will be key to designs that will stand the test of time. From private homes to co-living spaces, workplaces and hospitality settings, materials will be required that can provide this flexibility as well as a biophilic look, hygienic surface and easy maintenance. Using an interesting nature-inspired colour palette and complementary flooring designs, interiors can offer useable and adaptable activity zones that will intrigue and engage.

Bright Skies can be effectively combined with other colours to create interiors that are calm and relaxing or energising and creative. Pair with tonal shades of green and blue alongside the rustic textures of hand-scraped wood design flooring for a rural back-to-nature style, or with contrasting pastel shades and an interesting oak design flooring for a vibrant result that inspires playfulness and imagination. Alternatively, use on its own alongside a smooth limestone or poured concrete effect flooring to highlight architectural form for an impactful yet restful look.

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