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Designing for the changing world of work

Posted on the 21/10/2021 by Karndean Designflooring

Last month we looked at how the workplace is changing to reflect a new way of working, including more flexible options for individual work, collaboration and relaxation. Inspired by the hospitality industry, a welcoming home from home atmosphere is encouraging employees back to the office while co-working settings are offering attractive remote working locations. This month we look at how to design flooring that engages and intrigues and how to choose the right format for each situation.

Our new immersive CGI tool puts you at the centre of a 360-degree virtual environment to help you visualise our flooring in a real-world setting. Featuring a multi-purpose structure in an on-trend industrial style with biophilic elements, we present zones for work, life and play with flooring options that best suit each space.

Working and meeting rooms

For these busy areas a gluedown format gives a durable surface and the ultimate design flexibility. An extensive range of wood, stone and abstract designs is available in a wide choice of shapes and sizes so designers can create unique floors that stand out for all the right reasons. With the ability to specify hand-cut bespoke designs, gluedown offers endless possibilities for a fully customised floor.

Our CGI tool presents a meet and work space that features a geometric pattern created with Hexa from our Kaleidoscope collection. Using four subtly different stone designs, the hexagonal tiles have been combined randomly in an abstract pattern. The non-directional nature of this floor design encourages people to linger while the gentle colour mix is restful and aids concentration.


HEXA SP211, SP111, SP217, SP213

Socialising and informal meetings

In the connecting juice bar, the stark lines of black metallic shelving and concrete structural pillars are balanced with the dramatic rustic grain and textures of Salvaged Barnwood from the Van Gogh multi-format range. Opting for the rigid core format laid in a popular herringbone pattern, this is an ideal option for uneven subfloors while the click-locking mechanism means that installation is quick and easy. Designed with a pre-attached acoustic backing, the rigid core format also reduces noise transfer to the floor below by 21dB.

In the roof top café bar, our Heritage Collection brings a bold contemporary look that also harks back to the locality’s industrial history. Recreating the geometric style of Victorian tiled flooring but with all the practicality of luxury vinyl, two contrasting designs have been used to create a rug effect to neatly divide the open plan space into interesting and more intimate areas. The flexibility of the gluedown format has enabled a quirky design to be fitted to the stair risers while matching borders provide a clean finish.


Lansdown LANS-01 | Montpellier MONT-01


In the gym we feature Quebec from the Karndean LooseLay range with its cool grey stone design that complements the minimalist look and practical surface that is easy to keep hygienically clean. Ideal for projects with challenging timescales, our unique K-Wave friction grip backing offers quick and easy installation as each tile creates a strong bond with the subfloor and its neighbours without the need for adhesive. Should any damage occur each tile can be simply lifted and replaced, making maintenance economical and simple. Additionally, a pre-attached acoustic backing provides excellent acoustic benefits, reducing noise transfer through the floor by 13dB.


Quebec LLT219

It’s clear that flexibility and efficiency will be the key to adapting to a rapidly changing world but by choosing the right materials for each situation there will be no need to compromise style for function.

Discover the best format for your project with our Interactive Tour.