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Looking back at a year of evolution

Posted on the 02/12/2021 by Karndean Designflooring

This year has seen the world market become quite volatile and we have all had to adapt to changing behaviours, attitudes and expectations with flexible and resilient working practices in order to take advantage of new opportunities.

In light of this complexity, we have redefined our own commercial vision and invited the industry to join us on our endless journey of design and embrace a sense of possibility. Refocussing on the intricate connectivity between humans and our natural environment, our design process takes a holistic approach to searching out the most appropriate solutions with flexible multi-format collections.

Inspired by the health giving properties of nature, our designers are pushing the boundaries to create products that combine the latest cutting edge technology with natural textures, calming earthy hues and subtle patterns that connect indoor spaces with the outside world and preserve our sense of belonging and wellbeing.

Back in spring, we took part in BSPOKE Surfaces as part of an online version of Clerkenwell Design Week. Connecting with designers across the country we showcased our latest products to demonstrate the potential for creating exceptional bespoke designs that will stand out for all the right reasons.

In September we launched our latest design tool. Our CGI interactive journey uses virtual reality to offer an unparalleled product experience. A 360-degree virtual environment presents different flooring designs in real-world living, working and leisure settings to demonstrate how our products fit perfectly both aesthetically and technically.

Karndean commercial interactive tour.jpg

Launch interactive tour

We are delighted to be a partner at the new Material Source Studio in Manchester which opened its doors in November. This design destination immerses visitors in ‘beautifully useful’ products and materials and supports our vibrant creative community. We are enjoying being able to share our passion for developing imaginative, innovative and highly versatile products that contribute to a greener built environment.

This year has also seen us expand our specification support with listings on popular product platforms. We have joined forces with BIMstore to make our complete portfolio of wood, stone and abstract designs available as free downloadable Business Information Modelling (BIM) components. In addition, we have recently made our portfolio available on NBS Source, the free-to-use construction product platform that allows specifiers to quickly and easily find and select the best materials for their project.

We have continued to expand the information and support available on our website so that designers and specifiers can easily access inspiration and technical data. Our latest downloadable commercial brochure offers more than a handy product listing. We also discuss industry news including the importance of reducing noise pollution for health and wellbeing and how modular buildings could help meet our challenges for a more sustainable future.

Through our SBID and RIBA approved CPD seminar ‘Specifying Sustainability: Protecting People, Planet and Prosperity’ we have been supporting professionals designing and specifying for both domestic and commercial settings. The seminar explores how sustainable design is taking a people-centric approach with belonging, health and wellbeing at the core of the design process.

Karndean specifying systainability.jpg

Our Karndean Academy has also been busy developing much needed industry skills, offering courses for installers of all levels from basic, intermediate to advanced covering topics such as the installation of floating floors, our geometric designs and bespoke motifs. 

As we look ahead to 2022 we are excited by our collective transformation toward a new normal and, with product launches and innovative design tools on the horizon, we are looking forward to supporting the construction industry as we meet future challenges together.

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