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Seven considerations for community living designs

Seven considerations for community living designs

Posted on the 17/05/2020 by Karndean Designflooring

Community living developments, from rental accommodation for young professions and student accommodation to retirement villages, are increasingly popular and offer high quality housing for rent or purchase together with the benefit of a sense of community.

The shared experience of a pandemic has highlighted both the resilience and the limitations of these built environments and this is likely to affect how we design and live in our shared spaces. We look at seven considerations for designing community living spaces in which people can thrive, even during challenging conditions.

1. Designing for resilience

The co-living model emphasises togetherness and promotes social interaction through the use of shared spaces. However, the current situation has highlighted concerns around personal safety so whilst the benefits of open plan communal spaces remain, this can be supplemented by smaller break-out activity spaces where social distancing can be more easily managed. With an increased desire to continue working from home, either on a long or short term basis, projects that offer co-working facilities and space for private home offices will become more valued.


Above image features LLT201 Colorado

2. Creating a sense of identity

A community living development can create a sense of vitality and belonging when it is embedded in its locality. The interaction between private and communal indoor and outdoor spaces can encourage the neighbourly interactions that build relationships. By incorporating design elements that are inspired by the local environment and cultural history, the development can offer an interesting narrative that links the new building and community with the wider society in a constructive and sustainable way.

3. Boosting wellness and wellbeing

There is now a wider awareness across society of the importance of access to nature and the benefits of the natural world on our mental wellbeing and this translates into an appreciation of the connectivity of a home with its outside spaces. Nature inspired designs using natural materials and display planting, with large windows and easy egress to liveable and social green spaces, provide a relaxing environment that is increasingly desirable.


Above image features VGW111T Light Distressed Oak

4. Practicality and hygiene

With a greater emphasis on health and infection control, community living projects need to provide reassurance that hygiene systems are in place to protect the most vulnerable in society. Successful designs will be adaptable to cater for times when residents may need additional support during periods of self-isolation.

Inside buildings, health related environmental issues such as air quality and hygiene can be managed with solutions such as air filtration systems, no-touch technology and hygienic surfaces. Offering an easy-clean option for flooring, Karndean features a K-Guard+ surface protection system that resists dirt and bacteria for a cleaner, healthier environment.

5. Managing noise levels

Noise disturbance is known to be a significant environmental stress factor so the use of materials with enhanced acoustic benefits is key in shared buildings. Ideal for multi-level developments, our Korlok and LooseLay ranges are quiet underfoot with a pre-attached enhanced acoustic backing that can reduce noise transfer to floors below up to 21dB. Available in a wide range of realistic wood, stone and sealed concrete designs, our easy-fit ranges are ideal for both traditional and contemporary interiors.


Above image features EW12 Vintage Hickory

6. Combining durability and style

While durability is of key importance, there’s no need to compromise on style. Designed to offer an authentic look of wood and stone but with all the practical benefits of luxury vinyl, the flexibility of Karndean flooring means that bespoke designs can be created with an almost endless combination of products and laying patterns. Consistent product thicknesses means that wood planks and stone tiles can be laid alongside each other to create interest and flow, creating individual personality in connecting spaces or to highlight different activity zones.

7. Challenging deadlines

The current situation has caused significant challenges for the supply chain, resulting in project delays. Opting for a flooring that is quick to install could be the answer to tight deadlines. With no need for a separate underlay, our easy-fit Korlok and LooseLay ranges offer a beautiful and hard-wearing floor that can be fitted in no time.

Karndean Designflooring remains open for business and we are working hard to keep our delivery schedule on track. Our commercial representatives are working remotely to support you so please get in touch to find out how we can help.