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New project: Matches Fashion

New project: creating an impactful headquarters for Matches Fashion

Posted on the 19/03/2020 by Karndean Designflooring

When luxury fashion designer and retailer Matches Fashion outgrew its office space at The Shard, interior designers Peldon Rose were commissioned to extend its existing Here East studio in Stratford, East London, to create a new open plan headquarters. The specialist workplace interior designers wanted to create an impactful headquarters that would provide the Matches Fashion team with a comfortable and engaging environment and complement the location’s industrial heritage.

The design embraces the character of the building, with pipes and beams left exposed and combined with a cool colour palette, warm toned oak design flooring and bold statement accents.

The contemporary interior is designed to work with the building’s large windows which offer plenty of natural light, creating distinctive yet harmonised spaces that will work efficiently for the entire business.


Above image features Champagne Oak LLP310

Interior Designer at Peldon Rose, Alison Hollier, said; “It was essential for the design to be coherent while still providing some unique distinction across the working units. We chose Karndean’s LooseLay ranges as these met all our requirements for access to underfloor services, quick installation and durability.”

A confident scheme has been created using a light neutral colour palette with a vivid orange hue on sections of the structural framework and a combination of three complementary LooseLay wood flooring designs. The delicate oak grain features and warm tones of Ashland, Pearl Oak and Champagne Oak combine with lightly brushed surface textures for a realistic look of wood flooring and all the practical benefits of luxury vinyl flooring.


Above image features Champagne Oak LLP310

“A combination of light, colour and oak flooring brings a cohesive look to this designer fashion house’s new headquarters,” explained Alison Hollier, interior designer at Peldon Rose.

“The blend of three LooseLay designs in different laying patterns has created a sense of visual connection between activity zones. The warm tones of the three oak flooring designs serve to balance the cool shades used on the walls and carpet in the desk areas and coordinates with the vibrant colour of the metal framework. The result is a synergy between the furniture and finishes in the different units which makes the transition between them seamless.”

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