A healthy office supports employee wellbeing

A healthy office supports employee wellbeing

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Building design and its impact on employee health and wellbeing is a key consideration to the restoration of economic productivity as businesses adjust to current government regulations and Covid-19 guidelines.

“There is overwhelming evidence which demonstrates that the design of an office impacts the health, wellbeing and productivity of its occupants.” 
UK Green Building Council

Whether a working environment is safe and healthy will depend upon a number of issues including air quality and noise pollution as well as cultural and stress factors. Research has found that the majority of employees report that noise regularly disrupts their work and that they experience symptoms associated with poor air quality, significantly affecting their productivity, wellbeing and job satisfaction.

With employees spending significant amounts of time working in enclosed office environments, maintaining indoor air quality is key to supporting employee health and wellbeing. Alongside management of air conditioning systems and manually opening windows to maintain comfortable temperatures and enable natural air flows, it is important that designs use surfaces that do not harbour dust and micro-organisms and so reduce levels of air borne toxins and allergens. 

Karndean flooring offers a hygienic surface with an authentic look of wood and stone yet without any of the practical disadvantages of natural materials. Designed with cutting edge technology, all our flooring products support healthy environments. Produced to ISO14001 standards, our products are ortho-phthalate free and low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) so designs do not need to sacrifice aesthetics to meet technical requirements.

LooseLay LLT215 Alaska

Above image features LLT215 Alaska

The HSE Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 set a noise exposure limit of 87dB to protect employee’s health and wellbeing. Open plan offices with modern, minimalist design can suffer increased noise disturbance due to the use of sleek surfaces which can reflect and amplify sound. With research indicating that noise levels at work are having a negative impact on employees’ overall wellbeing, it is clear that specifying materials with acoustic benefits can support a healthy working environment.

Government guidelines for reopening offices post Covid-19 include the installation of screens and room dividers to enable individuals to comply with socially distancing requirements. While these adaptations can be expected to help reduce ambient noise levels by blocking transmission of sound waves, specifying flooring with enhanced acoustic properties can further reduce noise caused by shoes and scraping chairs. 

Karndean flooring has been designed to be quiet underfoot, featuring a layered vinyl composition. Additionally, our easy-fit Korlok and LooseLay ranges incorporate an enhanced acoustic backing which can reduce noise transfer to floors below by up to 21dB, helping developments meet current Building Regulations for acoustic performance.

Available in a wide range of wood, stone and sealed concrete designs, our Korlok and LooseLay ranges offer stylish contemporary looks, acoustic benefits and a durable, hygienic surface to meet the technical and design requirements of a busy workplace.

Discover our LooseLay and Korlok ranges.

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