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This is not just any wedding venue…

This is not just any wedding venue…

Posted on the 14/02/2020 by Karndean Designflooring

When it comes to choosing a wedding venue, couples have many individual needs and desires to consider, from location and capacity, the character of the building and its idyllic surroundings to the look and feel of the interior. This is the biggest day of their lives and each couple is searching for a venue that reflects their individuality and makes them feel special.

From the venue’s perspective, appealing style and practicality are of equal consideration and owners are looking to provide an attractive modern interior that reflects the history of the building and will look great in wedding photographs, yet is also flexible enough to cater for any themes couples have in mind.

A wedding venue that oozes sophistication and romance with an elegant contemporary interior design will stand out in this highly competitive market. This high-end result can be created using quality materials that are impactful yet hard wearing enough to stand up to the demands of a busy hospitality setting.


Above image features Opus Luna SP111 and Nero SP115

Charlton Hall in Northumberland is certainly a wedding venue that has created a wow factor with durable and stylish materials. In line with the hotel’s eccentric décor, the wedding ceremony barn and connecting guest spaces have been given a quirky geometric theme with a bespoke hand cut Karndean floor and eclectic wall designs that capture the imagination, making this a great choice for couples with a confident sense of style.

Weddings commonly run from daytime through to an evening event with an extended guest list, so an interior design needs to be as spectacular under artificial lights as it is in natural light and provide a range of guest spaces to cater for different weather conditions throughout the seasons.


Above image features Kaleidoscope Half Pennon

Moxhull Hall, a beautiful Victorian building set in countryside just outside Birmingham, has recently been renovated with a spectacular botanical theme that looks equally amazing at any time of the day or night. Using a variety of Karndean products, the designers have included a seamless transition from a traditional wood design floor in the main hall to a dramatic Kaleidoscope design in the garden room. Here, the geometric flooring in subtle tones of grey cleverly coordinates with the monochrome nature inspired wall mural to add interest without competing for attention.

Open plan spaces can generate disruptive noise levels so it’s reassuring to know that Karndean is naturally quiet underfoot. For larger spaces and rooms situated in upper floors, our Korlok range will meet specification requirements with an enhanced acoustic backing that can reduce noise transfer by up to 21dB for a quieter and more relaxing ambiance.


Above image features Stamford LLP109

Sissons Barn in Cambridgeshire is a prestigious new wedding venue within a purpose built oak frame barn. This open plan venue has been fitted throughout with a LooseLay design which provides a hard wearing yet quiet surface together with a streamlined look that complements the barn’s historic agricultural style. The extensive floor to rafters windows flood the venue with natural light to highlight the beauty of the flooring’s authentic reclaimed timber features and rich tones.

Durable, waterproof and slip resistant, Karndean flooring is well able to stand up to the demands of a busy wedding venue, including resisting stains from spills and damage from stiletto heels. As these recent projects show, a stunning Karndean floor can be created with the simplicity of a straight lay wood floor, by laying different designs side by side to create zones or walkways or with a bespoke hand cut design for a truly unique look.

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