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Create meaningful travel experiences with maximalism

Posted on the 14/10/2019 by Karndean Designflooring

This year the hospitality industry has embraced the trend for maximalism, creating bold interesting interiors for boutique hotels, restaurants and bars that particularly appeal to millennials.

Throwing away the rule book, maximalism can be seen as a rebellion against the restrictive austerity of minimalism, creating quirky spaces that are individualistic and full of humour. Interior designers can build the story of a location through a considered mix of rich colours, natural materials and local memorabilia to create meaningful experiences that guests will want to share.

The Millennial generation is keen on travel adventures that immerse them into local culture, so the best maximalist designs combine carefully thought out functionality with comfort and exuberance to form spaces that are intuitive to navigate, portray authentic personality and enable visitors to explore the history of the local environment.

A successful maximalist interior harks back to the opulence of bygone affluent eras but with a contemporary layered approach. The look could feature a single bold colour as a focal point, perhaps a large-scale wallpaper or painted panelling, which is then luxuriously layered with patterns, decadent materials and tactile textures in complementary shades.


Above image features Prairie Oak

Subtle changes in the design - for example changing the principal hue of the colour scheme, using different scale furnishings and lighting or altering the tone and layout of the flooring – can be used to identify activity zones and establish an intimacy within each area.

Alternatively, a sense of abundance can be created with a lavish mix of clashing colours and textures that demands attention. In such an anarchic scheme, a potentially overpowering colour palette can be balanced with natural materials and large-scale furniture with strong, streamlined shapes to give a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Choosing an understated yet elegant wood or stone design floor will ground a daring scheme and give a natural connection to the outdoors that fits well with modern considerations for biophilic design and mental wellbeing. By using different materials and laying patterns, the flooring can also help create interest, support wayfinding and identify transitions between zones.

A quirky floor design could even be the central feature of a maximalist interior, for example using our characterful Kaleidoscope or Heritage ranges or by creating a bold and unique statement with a bespoke blend of shades and laying patterns.

At Karndean we create a wide range of beautiful flooring inspired by natural wood, stone and mixed materials for an authentic look. With all the technical specifications required for a commercial setting, we work with you to create interiors that stand out for all the right reasons and will look great for years to come.