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Clerkenwell comes alive for #CDW2019

Posted on the 22/05/2019 by Karndean Designflooring

It's that time of the year again when the creative community comes together to get inspired, explore exceptional new products and share ideas. Yes, Clerkenwell Design Week (21st - 23rd May) did not disappoint once again. Crowds came out in force to celebrate and make the most of the time out of the office, and this year was made even more special as the festival marked its tenth anniversary.


Located at Project within St James Church

Our space

Inspired by live projects, Arlo & Jacob and Charlton Hall, our modern interpretation of a hospitality and leisure space made a real visual statement and certainly caught the attention of visitors at Project within the grounds of St James Church. Many could see the decor working perfectly in any coffee/bar environment as well as a communal area within a co-living development.

As we know all too well, first impressions do last in hospitality, therefore it was important for our visitors to make a personal or emotional connection when entering the space. Our bespoke floor was designed to demonstrate how our flooring can be personalised to create a unique experience and ‘wow factor’, and encourage interior designers and architects to go beyond the limits.


Bespoke floor design made from our Knight Tile collection


We’ve always been identified as the luxury vinyl floor of choice for our authentic wood and stone designs in hospitality spaces,” explained Fleur Carson, commercial sales director at Karndean Designflooring..

She said: “CDW2019 was our chance to demonstrate visual punch and engage visitors with flooring that’s out of the ordinary. It was fantastic to see the design and architectural community out in force throughout the festival, and likewise to appreciate what challenges they face when designing new spaces”.


Stemmed from the trend of biophilic design to bring the outside in, we used a range of greenery and succulents including a living wall and olive tree. What made this living wall even more eye catching was our statement decorative wall surrounding it - made from individual pieces of our luxury vinyl tiles. We feel it certainly presented how impactful wall to floor installations can be in interior design.


Image shows wall to floor and living wall


In line with the biophilic trend, we opted for geometric and monochromatic patterns, a mixture of muted and bold colours and soft fabrics, velvet in particular, to enhance our space. All of our aspects tied together beautifully and received a salute from the CDW community.


Finally, the back wall incorporated a variety of light furnishings to add a modern and unique twist and an inspiration wall to show visitors a little bit more. This wall was designed to display our patterned Heritage and geometric Kaleidoscope collections


Why not share your highlights with us on Instagram #karndean #CDW2019?