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Discover a design to suit any space with our debut commercial brochure.

Welcome to our first edition. A note from us…

What is it about a bespoke floor design that excites us most? Is it the opportunity to introduce a statement identity for clients, like Path Design created for Arlo & Jacob when designing their new Bristol showroom, or is it the freedom to design a floor with no limits? For us it’s the joy of seeing what can be achieved with our abstract designs; Heritage, Kaleidoscope and special cuts alike.

It's always interesting to see how trends and cultural influences impact particular sectors and, in this issue, we focus on retail and hospitality and leisure. There has been much talk of polished and sealed concrete, rustic and sugared Scandi. Maximalism has also made its mark with its unapologetic ‘more is more’ approach, but how has this impacted the floor?

We discuss when there is a need for floor design to go beyond traditional wayfinding and zoning, and how laying patterns can become more than a function and become part of the wider experience.

Here’s what you can expect to find:


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