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Commercial flooring pre-installation support

Preparing an exceptional floor

Introduce an authentic look of natural wood or stone to your project with all the practical benefits of luxury vinyl flooring. With Karndean flooring’s outstanding versatility and durability you can create a highly individual look that will easily stand up to the demands of a busy commercial environment.

Every interior has a unique set of design and compliance considerations so it’s worth taking some time to consider the best product for each situation. This section will help you specify the right flooring and offers advice on preparing different sub-floors prior to installation.

For full technical detail on our each of our product ranges, we have technical data sheets available helping you to meet all of your specification requirements for your next project.

With Karndean, durability comes as standard. In areas subject to high footfall specifying a product with a thicker 0.7mm wear layer will guarantee a hard wearing, easy to maintain surface.

All our products are waterproof and have a minimum slip rating of R10. Where slips due to wet surfaces are a concern, we recommend the enhanced slip resistance of our Opus Enhance range with its rating of 36+ in the Pendulum Wet Test.

In multi-level buildings a product that features an enhanced acoustic backing, such as our LooseLayKorlok or Karndean Van Gogh rigid core ranges, will reduce noise transfer to lower floors by up to 21dB. Where underfloor access may be required, we particularly recommend our Karndean LooseLay range which can be simply lifted and replaced.

Whether you are laying Karndean flooring over a concrete sub-floor, tiles or wooden floors you will find information and advice on preparing a dry, clean and level surface that will give a perfect finish and long lasting result. 

Our complete portfolio of designs can now be found on NBS Source, the free-to-use construction product platform that allows specifiers to quickly and easily find, select and specify materials for their project.

We are also Quado approved suppliers. Quado is a customisable platform created for designers, by designers. It’s a simple tool to help designers and architects manage the process behind design, from concept to completion.

Find us on NBS Source and Quado by clicking on the logos below: