Karndean Designflooring Kaleidoscope in a wedding venue

Bespoke Designs

Thought provoking, inviting and unique.

We challenge you to create inspirational spaces that will ‘wow’, intrigue and create a personal connection with users. Explore flooring that’s out of the ordinary with our impressive array of bespoke shapes, formats and patterns.

Mix and match

Creating a unique combination of designs can bring a modern interpretation of traditional style to your project. For example, why not mix and match a rich oak design with contemporary grey slate in a bold geometric pattern to give character and quirkiness to your space?

Laying patterns

A blend of either complementary or contrasting designs can effortlessly create a unique interior. Lay tiles or planks at angles or patterns to identify zones and create walkways or include feature borders or rug effects to delineate working areas. Take a look at our case study, featuring a bespoke alternating herringbone floor; Arlo & Jacob.


Shape shifting geometrics

Our Kaleidoscope collection offers a range of geometric shapes which can create eye-catching patterns using any of our vast catalogue of designs. A subtle yet sophisticated effect can be created with a combination of complementary wood shades in hexagon tiles. Alternatively, an impactful 3-D pattern with a selection of dark and light shades is bound to make a statement. There are no limits. See how far wedding and private party venue; Charlton Hall incorporated unique designs.

Karndean Designflooring in a wedding venue 

A touch of heritage

Our creative Heritage Collection features exquisite designs, from striking monochrome designs to beautifully blended traditional patterns, that were inspired by both the architectural tiled floors of grand Victorian villas and the boldness of contemporary trends. Available in four pre-assembled designs and 18 colourways, the 12 solid colours of the collection are available in square, triangular and octagonal tiles which can be mixed and matched in any combination to create a truly one of a kind floor.



Wall to floor

It’s not just the floor where our designs can make an impact. One of the biggest commercial trends of late is to create a feature wall using the same material as the flooring. As well as offering an intriguing focal point, wall to floor also helps divide areas and achieve the illusion of larger spaces.

Find more inspiration for your next project

To help you find your next project unique floor, we’ve gathered together a selection of useful tools to inspire and inform your interior design plans when looking to add Karndean to a commercial interior. From blogs to case studies, videos to brochures, there’s plenty to view.

We also offer Floorstyle, our interactive floor design tool where you can view all Karndean products in a variety of commercial settings. It allows you to view different laying angles, blended products, and compare different products side by side.

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