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Inspiring ideas for your retail project

Whether specifying flooring for a small town boutique or an out of town superstore, great designs, flexible layout options and durability really help create and maintain an ambience in which customers will spend. Karndean Designflooring not only outperforms many other flooring types on each of these aspects but is easy to install and maintain.

Flexibility of store design

One of the main benefits of using Karndean Designflooring in retail environments is that store layout is only limited by the imagination of the designer. Karndean is so flexible, you can create different zones using sweeping curves, add rug effects or use borders around key displays. Our wide range of wood plank and floor tile shapes and sizes, light and dark tones and colour options give retail designers hundreds of design combinations, all contributing to the overall ambience and potential to maximise sales.

Karndean Designflooring is quick and easy to install

We recognise that when refitting retail stores, minimising disruption to sales is of paramount importance. Karndean wood and stone effect flooring can be fitted quickly during closing hours. Its flexible format also facilitates partial area refitting if that suits a store's operations - a major advantage over flooring supplied in sheets or rolls. Lighter than traditional wood, stone and ceramic flooring, there are fewer health and safety implications for installing Karndean. Our tiles and planks are also quicker to install than their natural counterparts.

Durable flooring for high footfall retail stores

With a comprehensive guarantee against manufacturing faults, Karndean flooring is designed to last between planned retail refurbishments with ease. Even when walked on by thousands of customers each day and subjected to daily stock distribution movements, Karndean keeps looking great without splitting, cracking or developing unsightly marks that can blight natural materials. A straightforward daily mop is all that's needed to keep vinyl floors looking their best.