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Inspiring ideas for your hospitality and leisure project

Hospitality: Design. Create. Inspire.

In an industry where making a first impression is paramount, creating a space that sparks an emotional connection and offers a new experience has never been more prevalent.

Whether that’s creating that ‘home-from-home’ environment, oozing in luxury or be it quirkiness stimulating intrigue and interest; our floor designs can cater for the ever-evolving expectations of users.

Our bespoke designs have never worked better here.

Creating something that is totally personal and individual to a space adds a layer of personality. For example, Charlton Hall, Aqua and Longleat looked to achieve an off the wall floor design to interact with guests.

Style and substance.

Where style combined with resilience and appearance retention is vital, our flooring is a proven choice for the demands of hotels, bars, restaurants, tourist attractions and leisure facilities. Our portfolio of patterns, textures and styles not only complement a space and add impact, but have further been tailored with enhanced slip resistant ratings and acoustic absorbency to meet wide ranging specifications.