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Inspiring ideas for community living schemes

Discover the benefits of our flexible flooring helping to bring communities together

Launch the interactive tour below and then click on the full screen button to immerse yourself into the virtual reality.


Living and accommodation

Create a sense of place and belonging with intriguing designs that reflect local cultural heritage, build communities and support wellbeing.

Inspired by natural materials and designed to stand up to the wear and tear of demanding situations, the versatility and durability of Karndean flooring makes this the ideal choice for imaginative community living designs.

Bringing your vision to life, bespoke designs in complementary or contrasting combinations of wood and stone inspired flooring are sure to create elegant and cohesive interiors that stand out for all the right reasons.

Supporting healthy environments

Shared living developments can play a central role in improving the physical and mental wellbeing of residents. Importantly, there’s no need to compromise on style to achieve a healthy environment.

Creating biophilic connections to the natural world with visual links between inside and outside spaces is known to support wellbeing. Bringing an authentic look of natural materials, with Karndean’s stylish looks you can create a calming and inspiring space that invokes the healing power of nature.

Wellness and wellbeing

A thoughtful design that focuses on comfort and connectivity will create a sense of vitality, community and belonging to build relationships and support happiness and wellbeing. With Karndean’s natural designs and a flexible mix of liveable communal and personal spaces, community living developments can offer spaces where residents want to linger and interact with their neighbours, the local environment and the wider community.

Manage acoustics

A quiet and peaceful environment is key to physical and mental wellbeing, supporting healthy sleep patterns, aiding creativity and concentration and reducing stress levels. So it’s good to know that the layered construction of Karndean offers a flooring that is distinctively quiet underfoot when compared to real wood and natural stone.

Ideal for multi-level developments where noise can be a concern, our rigid core and loose lay ranges feature a pre-attached enhanced acoustic backing that can reduce noise transfer to floors below by up to 21dB. Available in a wide range of realistic wood, stone and sealed concrete designs, our Korlok, Van Gogh rigid core and LooseLay ranges offer stunning options for both traditional and contemporary interiors.


Discuss your community living requirements with our team on 01386 820104 or email