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Our History

Karndean Designflooring is a United Kingdom based company with operations in the U.S. and abroad. When it comes to top design flooring replicates, no one does it better than Karndean. This particular company creates some of the most gorgeous flooring products that are perfect replicates of natural materials to include ceramic, glass, slate, limestone, wood, and marble. In addition to standard product offerings, consumers can choose customized vinyl to transform the appearance of the home. Products manufactured and sold by Karndean fit within any budget and because of the materials used, the flooring provides a comfortable and quiet solution.


Karndean was founded back in 1973 with its focus on reaching consumers in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the United States. Although the company had humble beginnings, it has now grown into one of the most innovative and respected flooring solutions in the world for both residence and commercial needs. The goal of Karndean has always been to provide consumers with an exceptional flooring product that is affordable, efficient, practical, and beautiful.

Over the years, Karndean has worked hard to conduct in-depth research for both product and manufacturing to ensure every item sold is high quality. Today, the professionals working for Karndean continue to perform research in the creation of innovative and unique products. With the company's continuous work and customer support, consumers can never go wrong in choosing flooring from Karndean.

Product Line

The flooring products designed and manufactured by Karndean are truly exceptional. For instance, flooring solutions are created with 100% pure virgin PVC so every surface appears authentic. Once installed, it is near impossible to tell the Karndean product from the real deal. People who love the look and feel of hardwood will be surprised at how real Karndean's flooring solution looks.

Keep in mind that as with most flooring solutions, if the floor is exposed to direct sunlight, slight fading can occur. Flooring sold by Karndean should always be installed by a professional in that the product is relatively complex. Therefore, this would not be considered a quick and easy do-it-yourself flooring project. However, with so many incredible designs, Karndean flooring works well regardless of the room where it will be installed.


Flooring is sold under the company name of Karndean, which is highly durable and beautiful. For people who want a natural looking floor but dread the high cost, this is a practical solution that wears well and looks amazing. With special materials and techniques, the Karndean brand is inspirational, easy to maintain, affordable, and available in a wide range of design options.