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See flooring differently with our new gluedown brochure

Posted on the 2020-02-20 by Karndean Designflooring

We are excited to release a new edition of the gluedown brochure, an in-depth resource designed for you. Designing your home can be overwhelming; there are many elements that must fit together, from furniture to fixtures to flooring and everything in between. You may be asking where do I begin?


Our gluedown brochure guides you through step by step on your designflooring journey. With checklists and blueprints to help guide you along, and a work space to create on your own, it will surely help bring your vision to life.

Read about Katy’s designflooring journey and how she incorporated different laying patterns and designs in her home. Learn how working with a flooring retailer and using our Floorstyle application can simplify your flooring journey. The new QR codes within the book make researching and designing a floor for your home easier than ever before. Get inspired by moodboards and laying patterns, and discover what designflooring means to you.

Click to order your copy of the new gluedown brochure, or view online. Let us know what you think of our new brochure and share your designs with us on social media.

Let’s start designing your floor so your home can be as unique as you!