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Cleaning your Karndean floor

Posted on the 2019-07-16 by Karndean Designflooring

At Karndean Designflooring we are committed to providing you with high-quality products that withstand the test of time. While your Karndean floor is designed to keep up with the ruckus of everyday life, it’s great to give it a bit of tender loving care from time-to-time.

With this in mind, we offer effective cleaning solutions, and a floor care kit, that will give your floor a new lease of life and keep it in pristine condition for many years to come.

What’s included?

Karndean's [Floor Care Kit] contains everything you need to clean and maintain your floor. It includes:

  • Karndean Clean
  • Karndean Remove
  • Karndean Refresh
  • Floor Protector Pack
  • Refresh Pad and Remove Pad
  • Applicator
  • Floor Care Guide

Step 1 - Karndean Clean

Image above features [Karndean Clean]

Karndean Clean is a water soluble everyday cleaner, perfect for keeping your Karndean floor in pristine condition, whilst adding extra protection between deeper cleans. 

How to use Karndean Clean?

  1. Start by sweeping your floor
  2. Add water to a bucket
  3. Pour 50ml of the Karndean Clean solution
  4. Grab a mop and soak
  5. Get mopping

It really is as simple as that!

Step 2 - Karndean Remove

Image above features [Karndean Remove]

[Karndean Remove] and Refresh are to only be used every six to twelve months. Our Remove formula essentially strips the very top layer of your flooring, (before we replenish with the Refresh formula) so be sure to follow instructions carefully for the best possible results. Karndean Remove is to be used before Refresh, so make sure you have both to hand if you're planning to refresh your Karndean floor. 

How to use Karndean Remove?

  1. Fill your bucket with clean water and pour in your Remove solution
  2. Use a mop and apply straight to the floor
  3. Wait 5 mins, don't let it dry
  4. Attach your blue applicator to a handle and add coarse white pad, scrub the floor and use a mop to remove residue
  5. Using clean, warm water mop the floor thoroughly
  6. Make sure the floor is free of any traces of Karndean remove
  7. Once dry, attach soft white pad and get ready for step 3

Step 3 - Karndean Refresh

Image above features [Karndean Refresh]

[Karndean Refresh] is a non-soluble polish that gives your floor extra protection over time. It helps to restore the finish of your floor and is the final step to the deep cleaning of your floor, so it is important that you use it correctly.

How to use Karndean Refresh?

  1. Locate your Karndean Refresh
  2. Pour the solution directly onto the floor, spread a layer in one direction
  3. Wait 30 mins
  4. Repeat the process in the opposite direction
  5. Leave to dry for six hours and then you’re all done!

Additional tips

Finally, you must ensure that you use the protective pads provided in your kit; add them to the bottom of your furniture e.g. dining table, chairs and ensure you lift and do not drag them. Placing a mat by the door is also important as it allows you to wipe away dirt from shoes (ensure your mat is non-rubber backed to prevent any discolouration).

Other things we’d suggest to keep your Karndean floor looking its best:

  • Mop up any spills as soon as possible, using our Karndean Clean, of course
  • Use load-bearing castors to protect against indentation from heavy furniture
  • Sweep regularly to remove grit or dirt
  • Avoid the use of regular household cleaners and bleach-based detergents as these make the floor slippery and can cause discolouration
  • When applying Karndean Refresh, ensure you do not apply it too thickly, two thin coats will suffice

[Visit your local Karndean retailer to purchase your kits today!‚Äč]