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New Knight Tile Herringbone: Designed for personalization

Posted on the 2020-07-14 by Karndean Designflooring

We are excited to announce the addition of three Knight Tile visuals in a new, modern plank format. The new 18” x 3” plank size will be available in our Grey Limed Oak, Pale Limed Oak, and Lime Washed Oak designs (also available in a larger 36” x 6” format).

Offering the same visual in two sizes creates a world of possibility when looking to achieve a custom look for your clients. Options for a traditional herringbone, or for added customization opt for a framed herringbone look, further play with laying patterns by creating block patterns or combine multiple formats for variety.

We have outlined three of our favourite ways to use these new planks, displaying how you can create a personalized look for any type of project.

Knight Tile SM-KP99 Lime Washed Oak

Make a space feel larger

Our SM-KP99 Lime Washed Oak has been installed in a herringbone pattern throughout the main entrance and down the hallway. This pattern draws guests to follow the direction of the herringbone pattern down the hallway, and into living area. By installing the herringbone in this direction down the smaller hallway, it creates the illusion that the hallways larger than it truly is.

Knight Tile KP138 Grey Limed Oak & SM-KP138 Grey Limed Oak

Create zones

Make your project stand out by pairing the modern parquet planks with their larger format planks to create zones. In the living room above, our Grey Limed Oak planks have been installed in a herringbone pattern for added visual interest. The herringbone planks draws you forward to an adjacent room where larger planks of the same visual have been installed on a 45 degree. The different laying patterns signify you are in a separate area of the home while keeping the same colours and tone throughout the space for unity.

Knight Tile SM-KP94 Pale Limed Oak

Customize with frame detailing

If your clients are looking for a truly custom look, a framed herringbone look creates a finished look throughout a space. For a simple yet eye-catching floor, stick with one larger plank to frame the outside of your room, or add personalization with a Karndean border. The framed look works particularly well in areas that are divided by walls, as opposed to open-concept spaces.

Try these new visuals in our Commercial Floorstyle floor designer tool and share your designs with us on social media using the hashtag #KarndeanCanada!