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Get the look: Scandi bedroom retreat

Posted on the 2020-07-09 by Karndean Designflooring

A relaxing bedroom offers the perfect sanctuary from the pressures of the world. For anyone looking to create a space for their own personal retreat, there’s no better place to look for inspiration than Scandi design. The sophisticated pared back feel, airy colour schemes and natural textures of Scandi interiors are the ideal combination for a bedroom escape that will help you find serenity and balance.

At first glance, this Scandi bedroom looks effortlessly chic, with its iconic clean lines and light airy colour palette, but look a little closer and you will notice that each aspect of the design has been carefully selected to create a coherent look. Each element blends into the whole so that the overall impression is calming and pleasing to the eye.

Known for elegance and simplicity, Scandi styles are built upon a timeless neutral base of light colour palettes and natural materials with personalised design features that can be easily updated for a fresh new seasonal look.

Offering a classic Scandi foundation, the base layer of this bedroom has been created with a restricted colour palette in shades of white and pale grey. A feature wall of grey painted planks has been used to introduce an interesting rustic effect to the plain white walls and untreated windows.

Wood flooring in pale or whitewashed tones is a key ingredient for Scandi interiors. With its interesting grain details and authentic look of washed pine floorboards, [Grey Scandi Pine] from our [Knight Tile collection] has been chosen to add plenty of character and texture. There can be concerns that a light coloured flooring could be tricky to keep clean, but our surface protection treatment means you can be confident that day to day cleaning will be hassle free.

Above image features [KP131 Grey Scandi Pine]

The next layer of the design is the furniture. For a successful Scandi look items are selected to be functional yet comfortable, with light frames and clean lines to maintain an airy look in keeping with this minimalist style. Storage is particularly important in a bedroom, so multi-functional pieces such as bedside tables with drawers to easily hide away any clutter.

You will notice that in this bedroom furniture has been arranged with symmetry in mind, so that an armchair on one side of the room is balanced with a slimline dressing table and stool on the other. This prevents any single item catching the eye and is important to ensure an uninterrupted visual flow around the room.

The final layer of the design is to personalise your space with colour and accessories. Scandi purists may wish to keep the design minimalist with little colour and no clutter, or you may prefer to create a cosier design by introducing soft pastel shades in textured cushions and throws or a few hand-crafted accessories in upcycled or natural materials.

Here a layered effect has been created with a subtle shade of forest green. Picked out in cushions, blankets and foliage plants, this natural tone has been used to add depth and a sense of being embraced in the natural world.

The secret is to ensure that everything blends together and to avoid elements that jar or catch the eye. However, you style your own Scandi style bedroom, this pared back design is sure to create a calm hideaway where you can recharge your batteries.

[Share your Scandi decors with us @karndean_canada or use the hashtag #KarndeanCanada!]