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Latest Opus Additions Showcase Pattern and Design Flexibility

Posted on the 2020-04-26 by Karndean Designflooring

Introducing new stone looks to our elegant and stylish [Opus range], including Iberian-inspired patterned tiles and additional sizes in existing colorways.

Inspired by the artistic beauty of traditional Moroccan architecture brought to the Iberian Peninsula during the 8th century, this pattern combines geometric forms in a non-uniform patchwork arrangement that incorporates curves and crests influenced by medieval Spain. [Casablanca] shows off this design in a classic monochromatic palette of grays, while [Marrakesh] possesses a mix of chalky, terra color tones for a playful look.

Casablanca SP219

After discovering a unique batch of limestone at an English quarry, our product development team used both faces of the stone to create two designs that were then fused together. One face of the stone was initially bleached and underwent a high-pressure brushing, or "satino," process to uncover its natural character. The second design, from the other face of the stone, reflects the original cut. Although this is a limestone design, it can also be interpreted as a stained concrete look.

Fumo SM-SP216

[Fumo] has smokey brown and grey tones for a sleek concrete-like appearance. Fumo may sound familiar, as we originally introduced this design in 2018 in an 18" x 24 tile [(SP216)]; however, what's new is that it is now also available in an 18" x 3" parquet "accent tile." Accent tiles are perfect for use in small areas of the home, including bathrooms and entryways, or in adjoining rooms when used alongside the larger tiles.

Try out the latest Opus designs in our [Floorstyle design tool] and request samples of your favorites and explore the entire [Opus range]!