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Wine Country Elegance With Designer Jackie Glass

Posted on the 2019-06-18 by Karndean Designflooring

Designer Jackie Glass talks about her mid-century bungalow renovation showcasing Van Gogh Country Oak. Country Oak complimented the design inspiration behind Glass’ recent project, helping her achieve a cozy wine country vibe with a floor that will last a lifetime. Read below to hear what Glass had to say about Country Oak and her Karndean Designflooring journey.

What can you tell us about this project?

I moved to wine country about two years ago and my husband and I purchased a mid-century modern bungalow: we ended up adding about a thousand square feet. I don’t usually do modern homes, I have a very classic and timeless style. I selected a hardwood floor for the entire upper main floor level, and when it came to the lower level, I wanted something that was as authentic as my hard wood floor, but something that was efficient and user friendly when it came to the lower level and how I wanted it to be used.

Van Gogh Country Oak Photo Credit: Paul Chmielowiec 

What was your design inspiration?

My design inspiration for the basement was to have a moody, wine club kind of feel and it started with a neutral pallet. I really love the lounge look, so having four chairs with a circular center coffee table really allowed for conversational cluster. A space where I can bring friends down, have some wine, have some cocktails, and where people can come and hangout and be comfortable.

What flooring did you choose?

I chose Van Gogh Country Oak because yes it matched the flooring that I used upstairs which is real wood, but I also chose it because it created a mood that I wanted to set in the room. I wanted a wine room; I wanted a lounge area; I wanted a tasting table area. I felt that the floor has this wonderful kind of old-world sort of feel, yet I could still put some modern elements into it, so it gave me a kind of eclectic opportunity to play with this lower level living area.

Van Gogh Country Oak Photo Credit: Paul Chmielowiec

How would you describe Karndean?

If I were to describe Karndean to a client, or to a colleague, one of the first things I would say is how authentic it is. Whether you’re looking at a hardwood floor look, or a tile, you can do a herringbone, you could do concrete, there’s so much versatility to the product. What I love about it is that the application is easy too: it can be LooseLay; it can be glued; and the ease of installation is great.

“I love the longevity of the product, because it’s a beautiful product that really does try and mimic the real thing and you don’t find that everywhere” – Jackie Glass

Van Gogh Country Oak is now available in both gluedown and now in a rigid core construction, so you can get the design you want in the format you need. Not sure which format to choose? To learn about the differences between Van Gogh gluedown and rigid core, you can visit our website for more information.