ST17 Honed Oyster Slate Bathroom

The latest bathrooms offer luxury and convenience

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Home decorators have always enthusiastically embraced and invested in the latest bathroom technology, from the first flushing outdoor toilet and the luxury of indoor bathrooms with running hot and cold water to the internet enabled technology of today’s sanitary havens.

When plumbing was first brought indoors, bathrooms were decorated in a similar fashion to the rest of the home. The Victorian bathroom reflected the maximalist style of the era, while in the 1930s art deco introduced a stark monochrome look and in the 1970s a love of bold block colour was reflected in coloured suites.

Fitted carpet was long seen as the luxurious flooring of choice, being warm underfoot in homes without central heating. But far from being a practical surface for bathrooms, carpet was difficult to keep dry and clean, harbouring dirt and microbes.

Baltic Limed Oak

Above image features RKP8116 Canadian Urban Oak

Today’s bathrooms are not only a functional space for personal hygiene but also a sanctuary where we can linger to relax in a rainfall shower or hot bath with soothing essential oils to ease the stresses of life. The latest technology offers convenience and water efficiency as well as surfaces that require minimal maintenance.

To create a modern bathroom with a holiday spa feel, we recommend choosing a layout that is sleek and minimal in style. A light airy colour scheme in a neutral colour palette will ensure that your bathroom looks effortlessly fresh and clean. 

Savannah Oak

Above image features SM-RL23 Savannah Oak

In keeping with the minimalist style and luxury spa feel, this modern bathroom pairs a neutral colour palette with industrial grey balcony doors and mirror and a characterful wood design flooring. The beautiful oak textures of Savannah Oak from our Art Select range, laid in a herringbone pattern, adds plenty of warmth and lends a sense of space and opulence.

For the ultimate in convenience installing the latest high tech gadgets can automate your bathroom, for example controlling blinds and lighting with ease, personalising shower settings or streaming your favourite tv and music on demand.

Finally, to complete your luxury spa retreat add pops of your favourite bold colours with towels and accessories and don’t forget to include somewhere to rest a book or glass of wine while you are relaxing in the bath!

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