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Real Homes: Industrial Farmhouse Design

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A combination of rustic and industrial elements, the industrial farmhouse trend has become exceedingly popular. This trend is both an ode to wood and ballad to metals, and is sure to have your neighbours talking. Here are our top three stand out design elements you need to create the industrial farmhouse look in your home.

Go bold with modern parquet planks

Industrial Farmhouse

Image features Savannah Oak Parquet SM-RL23

Classic Herringbone can be found around the world, traditionally in a 9”x3” plank that creates an old world feel to any space. For a modern take on this traditional flooring style, try our Savannah Oak parquet visual (18” x 3”). Accented with subtle golden hues and clean, neutral design, Savannah Oak possesses all the beauty of traditional French Oak. Here paired with striking black window frames, fireplace, and back door, the modern parquet design creates a perfect combination of mixing wood and metal to create an industrial farmhouse space. 
Raw materials add visual interest

Industrial Farmhouse

Images feature Savannah Oak Parquet SM-RL23

If you have ever spoken with a design expert, you have heard the word ‘texture’. It is all about layering different raw materials to help you achieve the modern industrial look in your space. In this case, texture was created by pairing the leather sofa, faux skin rug, and crochet blanket basket in the living room. Creating variety and interest in your space doesn’t have to be a bold statement, a simple way texture was added here is the black grate used on the stair railing that pops next to the white and light brown stairs.  
Seamless open concept space

Industrial Farmhouse

Image features Savannah Oak Parquet SM-RL23

Creating an open concept living space is key when designing around the industrial farmhouse trend. Open concept living areas generate a cohesive environment where conversation can easily flourish. When designing a floor for an open area, it is important to consider direction of travel. Choose to lay the floor on a 45 or in a herringbone design (as seen here) to drawn people into each room. A herringbone design works in almost any space as the planks point in opposing directions, thus drawing people from the kitchen to the living room, back into the bedroom and over to the window with ease. An added bonus: all Karndean floors are waterproof; from kitchen to living room, your flooring is seamless and practical.  
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