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Wooden Floor Designs

Go room to room with our matching Art Select designs

We all love a little colour continuity in our lives. Did you know there’s a new way of linking colour in your home underfoot with matching floor designs? Even if you have rooms separated by closing doors or you can see one room into another, this latest trend can help you achieve a smooth look in your home. 

We’ve introduced the cool multi-tonal grey hues of Storm Oak and warm traditional blonde look of Spring Oak in a matching full length plank (48" x 7") and parquet (9" x 3"). 

For a more Scandinavian look we also introduced the clean arctic palette of Glacier Oak and neutral warm hues of Savannah Oak in a matching full length plank (56" x 9" and modern parquet 18" x 3")

They’re perfect for any room of the home, go bold in the bathroom with herringbone and peaceful in the bedroom with parquet. Run full length planks through the study and the living room for an impactful look. The possibilities are endless. 

Why not opt for a striking rug effect in open plan or large spaces?

Share your room to room designs with us on InstagramFacebook.

AP01 Blond Oak - Parquet
RL01.jpg   AP01.jpg
RL01 Spring Oak - Full Length Plank   AP01 Blond Oak - Parquet


RL12 Storm Oak - Full Length Plank
AP07.jpg   RL12.jpg
AP07 Storm Oak - Parquet   RL12 Storm Oak - Full Length Plank


SM-RL23 Savannah Oak - Parquet
SM_RL23_SavannahOak_OH.jpg   RL23_SavannahOak_OH.jpg
SM-RL23 Savannah Oak - Parquet   RL23 Savannah Oak - Full Length Plank


SM-RL21 GlacierOak Bedroom LS1_CM.jpg
SM-RL21 Glacier Oak - Parquet
RL21_GlacierOak_OH.jpg   SM_RL21_GlacierOak _OH.jpg
RL21 Glacier Oak - Full Length Plank   SM-RL21 Glacier Oak - Parquet