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Laying Patterns

What is a Laying Pattern?

Laying patterns can be defined as the arrangement of your planks or tiles on your floor, and they allow you to add your own personal stamp on your design and define your individual space.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with opting for a beautiful straight lay plank or uniform tile floor, but it’s nice to know there are other options to suit your space or bring a different sense of style.

Where to start?

Choosing your laying pattern can be a tricky decision, but there’s no need to worry, our design consultants and retail partners can help you.

Step 1 - Use our Floorstyle floor visualiser tool at your own leisure at home to explore lots of different colours, shapes and laying patterns. This can also help you shortlist the ones you like the most.

Step 2 - Once you’ve selected your wood, stone or abstract design, you can find a local Retailer Partner who can offer a design consultation and help you choose your dream floor. Alternatively, if you’re local to our showroom in Burlington, Ontario, you can also visit and our dedicated team will help you narrow down your choices, and then visit a local Retailer Partner.

Step 3 - Finally, your preferred Retail Partner will arrange a free quote and measure, and then it’s time to wait for your floor to be installed.

We recommend considering the size of your space, room of choice and home décor. For example, if you’re looking to make a small bathroom appear bigger, why not opt for a large plank on an angle? In large areas of the home, we’d recommend laying planks and tiles on a 45-degree angle or a herringbone design for extra impact. For an even more unique floor, you can combine laying patterns, such as plank and parquet, or create a rug effect design for impact.

Our different laying patterns


Herringbone plank
brings movement to a room


Herringbone tile
brings life to any area in the home


Straight lay tile
get the grouted tiles effect


Angled 45-degree plank 


Angled 45-degree tile 


Straight lay plank

the above three laying patterns are recommended if you want to make a smaller space look bigger


Ship decking plank
perfect for narrower areas


Basketweave plank
brings classic feel into a modern home


Brick bond tile
perfect for your kitchen or bathroom


Chevron plank*


Random panel


Combining laying patterns

the above three laying patterns are recommended for larger open plan spaces


Block plank


Rug effect

the above two laying patterns are great for creating a rugged look or a distinctive rugged design in a larger area   

*Please note, our chevron laying pattern is available when selecting Apex from our geometric Kaleidoscope collection.

Room to room

Our Art Select collection offers four designs in a matching full-length plank, parquet and basketweave. They can be used room to room for a consistent flow throughout your home, in open plan spaces to separate shared areas or to introduce a rug effect.

Knight Tile also features small plank designs which can be laid in an on trend herringbone design. All three come with matching full-length planks, ideal for making a statement in large or open plan spaces.

Design strips and borders

Once you have your laying pattern, you can also consider introducing design strips as a grout effect to make an added statement. They can be used between our tiles for definition and plank to achieve ships decking. Finally, we can help you frame your floor by adding a subtle keyline or tramline border. There are also pre-arranged complementary border designs available with some of our ranges.

Looking for more help with laying patterns? Visit our showroom or a local retail partner.