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Van Gogh Rigid Core

Van Gogh Rigid Core

Woods within the Van Gogh range showcase enduring American style and performance while capturing nature in its rawest form. Each product has an authentic texture and distinctive grain detail true to the wood that inspired it, with none of the maintenance hassles of hardwood flooring.

Most of the designs within this collection require a gluedown installation. However, with 10 colours available in an additional rigid core format, you can choose the format that fits your needs in a colour that suits your style. 

Van Gogh_RGB_Rigid Core.png

Van Gogh Rigid Core

100x100 Quick_and_easy_to_install_Black.png

Quick and easy
to install


Installs over existing
hard floors


Hides subfloor

100x100 Acoustic_qualities_Black_CMYK.png

Reduces noise

Rigid core is a type of floating floor that clicks and locks into place, no adhesive necessary. Our rigid core planks can be installed directly over most existing hard floors, perfect for a quick project. A selection of 10 Van Gogh colours are available in rigid core format. Learn more about the Benefits of Rigid Core.

Van Gogh Rigid Core Properties

Plank Size: 48" x 7"

Wear Layer: 20 mil

Thickness: 4.5mm

Residential Warranty: Lifetime

Product Code: Begins with SCB

Available colors: 10


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