Our Mission

Established in 1973, Karndean International have been manufacturing, marketing and supplying creative designflooring to a worldwide base of interior designers, architects, specifiers and flooring contractors for use in commercial and domestic environments.

With more than 25 years of market knowledge and backed by a continual program of research and development, Karndean International offers a portfolio of products to meet the needs of a worldwide client base.

Combining the dramatic effect of texture and color tone, Karndean International have recreated the timeless elegance and authentic appearance of natural materials such as slate, marble and timber in a range of vinyl tile and vinyl plank products.

Karndean International recognize the need for individuality and therefore promote the concept of stylish yet easy to create design floors through effective use of borders, feature strips and key squares at an affordable level.

Our Promise

Although our mission statement dates back to 1998, we still live by this mission in everything we do at Karndean. The floor is the foundation of your home life and your flooring choice determines how you want your home to look and how you want to use it. Because of this, we think it's important that you choose carefully.

Furnishings and paint colours are easily changed, but your floor is something that stays with you for years so it's worth spending time getting that choice right and investing in quality that lasts. Our promise to you is that if you choose to invest in a Karndean floor, you'll not only get a beautiful floor, but also a floor that's durable, easy to clean and guaranteed to last for years to come.